Begonia Letters

To celebrate our festival blooming citywide this March, we are marking the occasion with the letters of our city’s most famous bloom, the stunning Begonia.


06 - 28 Mar 2021


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Give me a B.
Give me an E.
Give me a G, O, N, I, A ...
What does it spell?

We hailed our local creatives to bring the jumbo letters to life by dressing each letter, delivering joy and amazement to your festival journey.

We thank our local creatives listed below

Carla and Mark Maxwell

Letters B and N

Carla and Mark are local artists creating etched designs onto the letters B and N. These letters are carved out of translucent acrylic perspex which during the day will catch the daylight and cast a shadow of the design onto the rear surface of the letters.

Letter B

B is for Ballarat, Botanical and Begonia and integrates the trees, flowers and natural elements. The etchings include the buildings at the Ballarat Botanical Gardens as well as the trees and flowers housed within them. Throughout the carving you will notice people walking, jogging and enjoying what the gardens have to offer. Amongst the flowers, you will catch glimpses of the tiny insects that inhabit the flower beds.


Letter N

N stands for Nature and Nose and focuses on flowers and geometric patterns. Images carved on this letter draw influence from the beauty of Victorian ironwork visible on gates, fences, stairwells, railing and heritage lacework in the streetscapes of Ballarat. The flowers within the patterns are modelled from different types of begonias and their leaves, and a variety of birds and insects are incorporated into the design.

Deborah Klein

Letters E and O
Letter E
The design for Deborah’s first letter E is titled Fantasy Florals and is inspired by the riotous colours and forms found in gardens around Ballarat as the height of Summer starts to fade into Autumn. The colourful fantasy florals are created completely from re-purposed plastic bottles and containers that have been cut, shaped and layered to create the impression of luxuriant growth. They serve as an object lesson about how much plastic passes through the average household, and a demonstration of how what we deem trash can be re-envisioned and recycled into something of beauty and delight.
Letter O
The concept for Deborah’s letter O, Blacklight Botanical, is a call-back to days of misspent flaming youth, and an allegory for how a traditional facade can hide a vibrant and innovative community. By day a contemporary yet conventional floral design, when night falls this letter takes on a pulsating psychedelic intensity that celebrates COLOUR in all its glory. This is the dichotomy and excitement of Ballarat itself: the invention of a city enriching its legacy of a heritage-built environment by hosting cutting-edge contemporary art and performance that makes us see our town and its traditions with new eyes.

Margie Balazic

Letters G and A

Margie is a local colourful mixed media designer and artist. With a passion for history research, Margie enjoys creating historical stories artistically for all demographics to visually enjoy.  
Letter G

“As you look beyond Ballarat’s rich pattern of architecture, there is paths of exploration ready to discover. It amazes me what Ballarat has to offer. My family enjoys exploring Ballarat’s natural beauty, paths gently twist though the town, you could easily forget you are right within a city. Designed for ease of navigation, this maze was created to entice our community to immerse themselves in the breathtaking diversity of paths found within Ballarat. The Ballarat Begonia Festival has arrived, (G)uide your way to the garden of blooms”.

Letter A

Ballarat’s gardens are filled with exploration.  (A)mong the tangles of time are hidden mysteries of beauty waiting to be discovered. Take the moment to quietly observe the lush greenery, refresh your mind and discover the barely noticeable revels. Birds are playing within the foliage; 14 enchantments and words of the town are hidden within the letter A ready to be discovered.

Deidre Rosier

Letter I

Deidre is a local Indigenous artist who has taken her inspiration from the gardens of Ballarat for her beautiful, intricate and unique painting of the Letter I.

Hello, my name is Deidre Rosier. I am married and have 7 children and 9 grandchildren, who I love and adore. I am originally from South Australia and moved to Ballarat many years ago. I am a proud Wirangu, Kothotha and Mirning woman from West Coast of South Australia.

My sister, an artist herself came over to see me and my family while we were on a family visit in South Australia. She handed me canvases and paints and said, “here sis, your turn now” and I haven’t stopped painting since. It helps to ease the body and mind and has strengthened the connection with my sister.

I am happy to have been chosen to do the Letter I, it gives me the chance to demonstrate different styles of art; but I do love Aboriginal Art.

Working on this project has given me Inspiration, Inspired me, and given me Inner confidence. My grandchildren have watched me paint and have been Intrigued by my craft, always Interested in what I share with them.

I love everything I have accomplished on the Letter I, the flowers all around on the day of the Ballarat Begonia Festival.

Thank you for the experience.

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