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  • When growing Begonias at home, they are best grown in a pot, outside in a protected position with morning sun and protection from wind and rain.
  • When Begonias go dormant, you can leave the tuber in the pot, and place the lot into a dark cupboard, in a dark garden shed is ideal.
  • The tubers will naturally ‘eye’ up, like a potato, and start to shoot by themselves whilst still in the dark.
  • Once this occurs it’s time to take the tuber out of the pot, shake gently to remove the old potting mix, and repot using fresh, quality, free-draining potting mix, with the slow release (6 month) fertilizer mixed through.
  • Once re-potted, commence watering and remember they do like the surface of the potting mix to dry out between watering; but too much water and the tubers will rot, it’s a delicate balance. Good luck
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