The Ballarat Begonia Festival is an innovative garden-based horticultural festival that show cases our city's natural assets including our unique and rare collection of Begonias.

Traditionally the festival has been held in the Ballarat Botanical Gardens, over 3-days on the March long weekend attracting 60,000+ patrons. Due to the impact of COVID-19, our festival has changed in format, duration and location in 2021.

The festival will be celebrated for an extended period over 3 weeks, including 4 weekends from Saturday 6 March to Sunday 28 March. The Festival will occur throughout the CBD in support of local business, rather than centralised at the Ballarat Botanical Gardens. New festival highlights will include an Illuminated Garden, Begonia Garland, Urban Garden, Floral Frame Trail, and Audio Tours. The Begonia Display at the Robert Clark Conservatory will continue to be a festival favourite.

The safety and wellbeing of all participants from suppliers through to attendees was foremost in our planning and the festival has been tailored accordingly. All events and activities will adhere to COVID-safe principles to ensure patrons can safely enjoy festival activities.

We hope you embrace our city’s natural beauty, community spirit and the Ballarat Begonia Festival when it blooms citywide in March.  

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